Hotel Suggestions

For travelers: These hotels are within a reasonable walking distance of the party Saturday night, and an easy walk to other museums, great restaurants and places of interest (e.g., state capital).

NOTE: these rates were listed on Google; cheaper rates may be available through or

Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown - $119/night, .4 miles, 4.0 rating

Sheraton Raleigh Hotel - $149/night, .6 miles, 4.1 rating

Raleigh Marriott City Center - $269/night, .7 miles, 4.4 rating

Hampton Inn & Suites Raleigh Downtown - $179/night, .7 miles, 4.2 rating

Map 1: Area of the party (downtown Raleigh)

Map 2: From downtown Raleigh to Chez Rubi-Mac

120 Killingsworth Drive, Cary NC

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